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The following was submitted by Weston Nurseries, Inc.                                                                                     Weston Nurseries, Inc., announces today that they will be opening a second Garden Center in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, this coming spring.  They will open officially on March 1st, 2011, followed by a grand opening event on April 30th. Located at 160 Pine Hill Road, the facility includes 7,000 square feet of indoor shopping space offering a full selection of lawn and garden products, decorative gifts, and indoor plants; 2.5 acres of outdoor shopping space and parking offering a full selection of high quality trees, shrubs, perennials and edible plants; and a 5000 square foot state-of-the-art greenhouse for growing and selling premium seasonal plants. Visit their website at for more information on their plants, products, and services.

 For more information, contact:                                                                                                                      Jennifer Angell, Marketing Manager
Weston Nurseries, Inc.
508-293-8010 (desk)

All Landscape designers are responsable for tagging their own plants. If they wish not to do so they will be responsable for any plant regardless of their liking apon dilivery no returns with out charge for both our time and a posible restocking fee!!! This also applies towards home owners as well.

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